..:: take a note !

if you are nice to him 
he says you are in love with him 
if you are not
he says you proud ...
if you dress nicely
he says you are trying to love him .. 
if you don't 
he says you are from "kampung"

if you tell him your problem 
he says you are trouble some
if you don't 
he says yoou don't trust him .. 
if you scold him .. 
he says you are like manny to him ..
it is because we caressss of youu .. 

if you exams,
he says its luck 
if he does well ,it's his brains ..
if you hurt him ,, you are cruel .. 
if he hurt you ,, you are toooo sensitive .. 

boysss ,,, how on earth can we ,, 
can we girls trust youu ... 

>>>>>>>> boysss !! boleh tak kamu kamu pergi U dan belajar subjek PEREMPUAN .. kompom korang sume akan fail kannnn ??? jgn sentap oke .. ,,boyyssss ... 

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mieza berkata...

kena bg org lelaki bace buku "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

xpn, bg bce, "Why men don't listen and women can't read map"